During the American Civil War, the Battle of Hanover was fought on June 30,1863. Union cavalry under Judson Kilpatrick encountered Confederate cavalry under J.E.B. Stuart and a sharp fight ensued in the town and in farm fields to the south, particularly along Frederick Street. The inconclusive battle delayed the Confederate cavalry on their way to the Battle of Gettysburg. Three days before the battle, another detachment of Virginia cavalry had briefly occupied Hanover, collecting supplies and horses from local citizens.

Over the years, Hanover has become a major hub of commerce connecting major cities such as Baltimore, Md., Philadelphia, Pa., Pittsburg, Pa., and Washington, D.C., with the natural wonders of the beautiful Pennsylvania hills, countryside, and the quiet, peaceful farms of the Amish. Food items such as pretzels and chips are brought to the consumer through major manufacturers such as Utz’s, Schmidt’s, and Snyder’s. Hanover Foods produces many food items such as canned and frozen vegetables.  Hanover is a friendly and thriving city with a small town atmosphere.

Hanover was settled in about 1730 and incorporated in 1815. In 1727, John Digges, an Irish nobleman of Prince George's County, Maryland, obtained a grant of 10,000 acres of land where Hanover is now located from Charles Calvert, the fourth Lord Baltimore. The area was called Digges Choice, and in 1730, a group of Catholics started the settlement that became known as the Conewego Settlement. Settlers from both Maryland and Pennsylvania began moving into the area in the 1730s. At this time, the northern border of Maryland and the southern border of Pennsylvania did not agree with each other, and the area that is now Hanover was in the disputed area claimed by both states. This led to numerous disputes about property ownership from the 1730s until 1760. The dispute was settled when Maryland and Pennsylvania hired British experts Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon to survey what became known as the Mason–Dixon Line. (Marker shown right)
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